Today’s world revolves around smart devices, specifically phones, and tablets we can’t think of leaving home without a device in hand. We spend our time more with these devices than anything. The excessive use of these devices is one of the reasons for a decrease in their lifetime. So. Here we are sharing some tips on how to take care of your phones and tablets. Check outUS-Reviews for the reviews on different phone repair companies in the US.   

Let’s start!

·      Buy a Case and Screen Protector

A lot of people spend a good amount while buying a phone or tablet but ignore the importance of a case and screen protector. We are not even going to ask you to imagine dropping your phone and shattering the screen. It’s a nightmare for all of us.

·      Avoid Extreme Temperatures

We all enjoy a bright sunny morning but our tablets and phones don’t like it at all. They also don’t like rain and snow at all. Like any piece of technology, extreme temperature behaves as a barrier for them in performing normal functions. Keep them out of direct sunlight and definitely out of snowstorms and rain.

·      Keep them Clean

We use phones and tablets all the time and honestly do not put our thoughts on cleaning them at all. But it’s very necessary to clean them from time to time one can use antibacterial wipes to clean devices. Make sure to switch your device off before cleaning them and avoid the USB ports and audio jacks.

·      Place them in a safe place

Putting your phone in the same pocket as a key is a suicide mission a small scratch on a screen can ruin your experience of touch screen so beware of putting your phone in the wrong place. Talking of place and safety always keep your tablet and phone on a flat and stable counter or table.

·      Don’t block the Air Vents

This instruction is specifically for the people with tablets to make sure you don’t block air vents of your device while using it or charging it. As air vents are the one who keeps your device from overheating that is very bad for devices.

·      Food, drinks, children, and pets are a big NO

You can be as careful as you can but there is no guarantee that you are not going to mess up your food and drink so it’s in the good interest of everyone to keep their phone and tablets on a good distance while eating.

Also, keep your phone out of reach of children and pets. They don’t have any idea on how to differentiate toys and the things that are not toys. Keep your device in a high place if you have kids and pets at home

·      Look after the battery

There is no hard and fast way to look after the battery, just follow these simple tips. If you get any problems with your mobile phone, go to phone repair companies in the US. Turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it. Charge your phone slowly. Keep brightness low.

Moreover, at times we download apps for a certain use and after that forget about it. Apps drained your device’s battery and also low storage can make your device slow so it’s best to clean up space from the apps that are not in use.