The significant reason any company outsources because to ensure that the work never sleeps, even if they do. It’s been over decades that Western countries have been outsourcing their work to Europe and Eastern countries. As the employees are hired from different time zones, the job continues throughout the day. 

Here are some major reasons why a company wishes to outsource, especially web development.

  • Cost-effective– Many countries around the world have resources that come at comparatively reasonable prices.
  • Educational infrastructure– Countries like Taiwan, Thailand, India concentrate on offering world-class facilities as the young generation focuses on tech-related education.
  • IT market – The countries also centre on providing top amenities to the companies that invest in outsourcing in their country like real estate infrastructure, top of the class technology and devices etc.

These 3 are the influential factors, the culture and language also participate in the decision making. The country with the same cultural appropriation and can speak fluent English (as it is the universal language) has a better chance of getting projects.

These countries are the top pick for many software companies looking to outsource web developers.


Poland is considered to be the house of the third most proficient programmers in the world. Around 30% of the Polish public speak English. They are efficient in many mainstream programmings like Python, JavaScript, Shell and Ruby.

Communication is not much of a barrier when compared to the quality of work this country provides. The average pay per hour is around $40-$100 per developer. The time zones are close enough to have operative collaborations.


The software development scene is the most established sector in this country than any other industry. Since it is also exactly 12 hours apart from the USA, many western countries prefer to work with the software developers from here.

The government here focuses on providing education with strong technological foundations. Hence you see a lot of software developers coming out from here. The pay scale ranges between $25 – $50 an hour. Their core strength of programming languages are Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET, PHP..


India has been a hub to many outsourced software developers, and it is the second-largest English speaking country in the world. It’s the sound foundation in STEM education that produces around 2.6 million graduates each year. Thus, making it easier for the investors to outsource their software development here.

The resources are also affordable for the quality of the work. The average pay scale is around $25 – $35 an hour. The time zone differences may vary. However, you can be assured of receiving quality output and services that run round the clock.


In a hypothetical analysis of ‘programming Olympics’, China would rank first! It is the home of the fastest growing IT companies around the globe. China produces around 4.6 million tech graduates each year.

The market for its outsourcing services is known for Shell and Python services. The pay scale ranges from $35 – $40. However, the basic barrier is communications as there are only 10 million out of the 1.3 billion population who can fluently speak English. 


These are the world’s top countries that are best suited for web development outsourcing. Getting in touch with the resources here is easier than in previous times. You don’t have to know who’s who to get a contact. Instead, comes to your rescue. The AI-powered website can find anyone’s email in a blink of an eye. It can also cater for hundreds of email addresses at once.