Let’s first understand dedicated IP hosting and dedicated servers in Singapore. A website hosted on a dedicated server has its own private server and IP address. In dedicated IP hosting, a website has an exclusive IP address. 

You can have dedicated IPs under any type of hosting solution. 

Moreover, in the world of domain and hosting IP addresses are common aspects. They are used to identify different devices across networks.

There are two main types of IP addresses – dedicated IP and shared IP. In this blog, we will focus on dedicated IP and why you should consider getting one for your website. 

What is Dedicated IP, and How Does it Work?

It is an IP address that is dedicated to a single user or website and not shared by multiple devices or users.

The exclusivity aspect of a dedicated IP address is useful for organisations wanting strict control over their IP addresses. Additionally, you can get a dedicated IP without opting for a dedicated hosting plan. 

However, getting a dedicated IP costs extra. But on the plus side, it also offers many benefits like better IT operation management. It also reduces the risk of IP blacklisting.

What Are The Benefits of Dedicated IP?

  • Offers Secure Remote Access

A dedicated IP offers the benefit of securely accessing a company’s resources. It allows you control over access to valuable company assets and resources. 

This can be done by restricting access and allowing certain IP access to the server according to your preference.

  • Enhanced Email Deliverability

If you send out huge volumes of emails regularly, a dedicated IP can be beneficial for you. An IP address’s reputation can affect the rate at which emails are delivered. Email services tend to give priority to emails from dedicated IPs in comparison to emails from shared IPs.

This is because mail servers consider email accounts with shared IPs to be more likely to send spam emails. Hence, dedicated IPs offer better email deliverability. 

  • Offers Secure and Fast File transfer

A dedicated IP can also help provide faster website speed. This is possible because the IP address is not shared with other users. Hence, you are not required to clash with web traffic. 

Additionally, it allows you to share files within an organisation through an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. A private FTP offers secure and fast file transfer. 

  • Offers Increased Server Control

A dedicated IP has a wide range of potential use cases other than web hosting. This is possible because it offers increased server control. 

Some of the dedicated IP’s potential use cases are running a gaming server, managing files, running a VPN (Virtual Private Network), managing a server remotely, and more. 

To Wrap It Up

There are several other benefits of a dedicated IP, such as it reduces security risks, reduces the risk of IP blacklisting, offers direct access to websites and more.

It is not an important requirement to get a dedicated IP address. However, it is very beneficial. It is advisable to get a dedicated IP for growing websites. Upgrading to a dedicated IP can save you from many potential hosting issues.