Top 3 Insightful Things You Need To Know About The Giants Gaming Event.

Giants Gaming, formerly known as GIANTS! Gaming is a well-known multi-gaming organization headquartered in Spain.

In July of 2012, they acquired their first League of Legends team.

Giants Gaming, in addition to their League of Legends team, also helps players in other popular games.

FIFA, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, and a League of Legends academy division are among the games available.

The organization’s League of Legends unit was established in July 2012.

They performed admirably at tournaments such as DreamHack Valencia 2012 and The Siege.

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With this let us take a look at some of the information we have on the Giants Gaming events.

  1. Performance.

Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian, a UK League of Legends pro, left Giants Gaming’s EU LCS team.

However, because of their prominence, the staff and players are known for their good gaming and amicable behaviour in all events.

With a strong showing during the EU LCS summer split, the team aimed for great success.

Despite a difficult start to the event, the team came out on top by remaining resilient and working together.

As a result, they were placed in the third split, which was not a bad thing.

Despite not making it to Worlds in the event, they were grateful for their experience, particularly how they noticed that they did not adopt quickly after the patch hit and they Maxlore, one of Giants Gaming’s most well-known team members, joined the company in May 2016.

One of his team highlights was his achievement against Fnatic in July when Giants defeated Fnatic 2-0.

Maxlore has previously played for several teams, such as Inspire Esports and Team Infused from the United Kingdom, who went undefeated with Maxlore all through Season 2 of the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership.

It’s unclear where he’ll go next, but he did say in a tweet some time back that he’s accepting offers in Europe and North America.

  1. Rebranding. 

The Vodafone Giants, who have rebranded as the Vodafone Giants and signed UK support player Raymond ‘KaSing’ Tsang, are now aiming for greater success.

Their newcomer previously played for Movistar Riders and Excel Esports’ academy team BT Excel in the United Kingdom.

He mentioned that one of the main issues in the UK League of Legends is that teams are more likely to import when he left Excel last year.

  1. David ‘Lozark’ Alonso of the Vodafone Giants

David ‘Lozark’ Alonso, Vodafone Giants’ face of gaming, stated that the team recognized Minidule’s potential to bring the team to its A-game.

He went on to say that Kaling was one of the players who surprised him with his intelligence and skills and that he was the best choice they could have made.

The announcement follows the organization’s rebranding, which included a new logo.

The rebranding was overseen by artist and graphic designer Alex Trochut, who has worked on promotions for Nike, The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Coca-Cola, and The New York Times.

To publicize the team’s sense of identity, Teatro Soho Televisión (TST), Antonio Banderas and Mara Casado’s production company, created the marketing campaign “Giants, Everything Has Changed.”

  1. Future for the Giants.

José R. Daz, CEO of Vodafone Giants, stated that there was a need for change and that rebranding was required to commemorate their industrial revolution.

He also stated that they had matured over the years and that, while their spirit remained unchanged, they wished to demonstrate their progress to the world.

The team felt it was time to renew themselves as they faced more promising prospects.

The redesign will help them expand even further and connect with millions of their fans around the world.

Indeed, ‘The International Winners Club’ exists because of their fans, which is why we dress them up in their new skin.


This season, the Giants’ goal is to win the Spanish title for the seventh time.

Overall, The Giant’s future prospects are anything but bleak, and with their rebranding and new members, they should be kept an eye on.

That’s it; you’re now up to date on Giants Gaming events.