How to take care of our mobile phone battery

Our phones are made up of several parts, some of which we don’t know anything about and don’t care. However, no matter how ignorant we are of our mobile phones, we all know that our phones have a battery and we know the functionality of the battery. We should care for our battery if we want it to serve us for a long time in terms of durability and in terms of how long the phone can stay before it will be due for the next charging.

In the past, most phones came with removable batteries meaning that it was easy to remove the battery. This is no longer the case, as most smartphone makers now install the batteries of smartphones in such a way that they can only be removed by professionals. You might be wondering if there is any way you can take care of your mobile phone to make it last longer. Some of the ways you can care for your mobile phone batteries are discussed earlier.

Do not use your phone while charging it

In several cases, many people are tempted to use their phone even when it is charging. It could be that they were in the middle of an important or interesting chat when their phone battery became low and they want to continue with the chat. It could also be that they were playing a game when their battery indicated that it was low. Hence, since they were not ready to stop using the phone at that time. Even though it is believed that there is nothing wrong with charging your hone and using it at the same time, there are some effects. First is the fact that the phone will charge at a slower rate since part of the energy entering the phone from the charger will go into operating the phone. Hence the phone will take a longer time to charge. Charging and using the phone at the same time could also result in making the phone hot. There have also been reports of instances where a phone exploded when it was charging. Even though this is not the norm and could be due to factory defects, the fact that it is possible implies that if the owner was using it when it exploded, they could be fatally or seriously injured.

Do not continue to use your phone when it is hot

Another way to care for your battery is not to continue using the phone when it gets hot. One of the things you might have noticed when your phone gets very hot and you continue to use it is the speed with which the battery discharges. This could be due to the need for the battery to work harder when the phone is hot and it is being operated. There is also the fact that heat can degrade the components used to make the battery.

Change it when it is due to replacement

When you notice that your battery does not last as it used to and it now discharges very quickly, you might want to change the battery. For this reason, you might have to change the battery of the phone. The same applies to when you notice that the battery is swollen. You could patronize a professional who will open the phone and change the battery for you. If you need to change your phone or battery, you can get answers about stores that you can get phone or batteries from including questions like, ‘Is Affordable Mobiles legit’ by readingelectronic devices reviews.