5 Tips to Turn Your Ordinary Call Agents into Amazing Ones

When you’re running a company and the call agent team is not working properly, you need to find a way how to fix the issue. Call agents and the customer care crew are the guys and girls who literally make or break the reputation of your business. Learn more about this job role here.

Their work is representing your firm, so you must find a way to keep them motivated, satisfied, and productive behind those phone lines. Based on their conversation with clients, your business is recognized as excellent or poor, which is why you must do everything in your power to turn these employees into absolute professionals that know what to say at all times.

This is not an easy job, no doubt, but you need to do your best. That’s why we’re here to share a couple of tips about how to turn your call agents from ordinary workers into amazing employees that will know how to handle all difficulties. Keep up and see more for yourself.

1. Provide a decent salary

The first and most important thing for having an employee that cares and tries their best is the salary. If you want your workers to do a better job and take care of your business, you need to provide a better salary than anyone else among the competition.

This way, they will enjoy their working time, they will be positive, and they will always find a way to protect the company they are working in. They will care about its reputation and will do their best to make it look better than before. Your clients will also be satisfied with the care they receive, and the entire business will run smoothly.

2. Don’t ask them to work double shifts

As we just mentioned, satisfaction at the workplace has a great role in how your works work. When it comes to call agents, you need to know that they are easily tired by talking to clients on the phone. This is a mental activity and you can’t expect them to be robots and just say the same thing over and over no matter how many times a client asks the same thing.

Instead, they need rest just like you do. Their work is not physical, but they get tired easily because explaining and solving problems to clients is a tiring job. If you ask them to work overtime, they will not be as productive as they should be. They’ll start saying things that are not of the best choice, and your business will soon receiving negative reviews on the internet.

3. Hire a coaching staff to work with them

One of the most valuable skills and most important features of the job roll called call agent is conversation intelligence. Without it, you can’t make a good agent. You need to be smart and think fast. This is not a virtue for everyone out there, and it’s hard to find this person, but you can make them with the proper help.

To do this, you need to hire conversation intelligence coaches. People that will work with your employees and will get the best side of them. True professionals that will know how to reach within and get the best of the employees on the surface. If you have them capable of driving an intelligent conversation, it will be easy for them to make the clients satisfied and happy.

4. Buy high-tech equipment to work on

No agents can work on low-lever and outdated equipment. You need those that are going to be perfect for your workers. You can’t expect someone to be happy at the job if they are talking to your clients through an old rusty phone. You need to get them some modern equipment.

Touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, AI-driven software for recognizing the same clients, headphones to ease their job, and all the other stuff that make a modern call agent successful. If you want these guys to invest in the future of your company, the least you can do is to invest in the equipment they are using daily.

5. Invest in their life-work balance

Finally, it’s smart to invest in their life-work balance. Some companies during Covid-19 learned remote working is not so bad. You can let your employees work from home and with it, you’ll help them achieve a much better life-work balance.

The balance is important so they can spend more time with their families and do the stuff they love. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries, and this is exactly what you need to do for your employees. When they get back in their virtual office, they will be happy, concentrated, and motivated to do the best they can. See what life-work balance is here: https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/5244-improve-work-life-balance-today.html.


These five points are enough for you to understand how the job roll call agent works and what you need to do to improve their motivation and dedication. Make sure they are well paid, don’t ask them to do more than they are paid for, and hire someone to work on their conversational skills.

If you manage to do this and add some modern equipment to the story, then you’ve got yourself excellent workers that will dedicate their time at work to improve the reputation of your company. Understand that they need their job from you just as much you need them for your job.