There are different countries where common diseases circulate just like water. This is because there are no parameters to secure and ascertain health status.

There are different reviews on how health apps are beneficial in tracking health conditions on Collected.Reviews. Through the ride of technology, these apps can be made to be efficient and effectively used.

To track and prevent extreme heart conditions, the need to control and monitor health is important. Without the apps, you may need to know the best diet plans to contain your health. However, health and medical apps are available to monitor the changes in your health. When your diagnoses reach a critical stage, you may even be recommended and referred to see a specialist. Through the following apps, you can monitor your health:

1.          Instant Heart Rate:

This is a free app that is most common. It is used to track your heart rate. You only need to have your index finger on the camera of your phone for scanning. You’ll see the chart that reveals the rhythm of your heart. You can use the app to monitor your cardio workout time, measure your heart rate, and also track real-time PPG graphs.

2.          Alivecor:

This is an FDA-approved app for clinical purposes. It allows a user to track exercise patterns, diet habits, shortness of breath, sleep patterns, etc. It also helps with EKG analysis and consultations to already programmed cardiologists. This way, you get to watch your health and share results with your physician. Although this isn’t a free app, it helps to keep you healthy and also monitors your health against potential heart issues.

3.          I-Care Health Monitor:

This is also a free app that is used to measure blood pressure and heart rate. You can also be able to measure your lung capacity, respiratory rate, oxygen, pulse wave, etc. With an accurate result, you can successfully track your oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, through multiple test times.

4.          Stress Check Pro:

This is another free app that is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can easily use your camera to check and monitor your stress level. You need to reduce your stress level in situations that require it, especially if you have underlying health issues that need you to reserve panicking. This app is easy to read in its graphical form and it’s recommended for athletes.

5.          Pulse Point:

With abilities to offer life-saving assistance to people experiencing heart attacks, it helps in notifying trained CPR persons. The tracker sends location-based services to specialists within the vicinity to offer health assistance to the patients. It is a popular app in India at the moment, and it can also be adopted in the United States and other countries of the world. Rather than wait for emergency services through a 911 call, this can save lives.

Other apps include iPharmacy, Quit Smoking Pro, HealthTap, WebMD, etc. All these apps function to help you balance your health. They monitor your heart rate and alert you when you need to take urgent steps about your health status.